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Wisconsin Waterfowl Association recognizes Governor and Representative for conservation wins in state budget

The organization lauded work by Gov. Evers and Rep. Born to renew Knowles-Nelson and to approve an increase in the price of the state waterfowl stamp.

Gov. Tony Evers and Rep. Mark Born are the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association‘s 2021 policymakers of the year.

“These two elected officials were critical enablers of our two key policy initiatives this past year,” said Bruce Ross, Wisconsin Waterfowl Association Executive Director.  

Gov. Evers is the current Democratic state governor. Rep. Born is a Republican from Beaver Dam who co-chairs the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee. Both were instrumental in reauthorizing the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program and increasing the price of the state waterfowl stamp. 

“Especially in this era of divided government, and the highly partisan atmosphere in Madison, we believe that recognizing two leaders, from different parties, is a fitting way to launch this non-partisan award program,” said Ross.

Gov. Evers and Rep. Born will be recognized in ceremonies later this year.

Read more in this article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by Paul A. Smith.

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