Take Action

Here’s how to take action today to support the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program


Contact your Wisconsin State Legislators

Create a personalized postcard to support the Knowles Nelson Stewardship program.

With a photo and a positive message, your postcard will tell your elected officials what land and water conservation means to you. Tangible, personal messages are one of the best ways to show legislators how Wisconsin’s beautiful places enrich our lives and why it’s crucial to support environmental conservation. Knowles-Nelson Stewardship grants fund the purchase of public lands, trail development, new boating facilities, campgrounds, and more. Share your story today!

Making a postcard is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Upload a photo of yourself enjoying your favorite place in Wisconsin, or a picture of your favorite view, and tell us where the photo was taken.

2. Write a brief, positive message of support for land and water conservation.

3. Enter your name and address.

We take it from there! We’ll print real postcards with your photo and your message. Then when the time is right, we’ll mail your postcards to your state representatives and Governor Evers. We may not mail your postcards today. Instead, we’ll send your postcards when they’ll have the most impact: when legislators debated the state budget; when Knowles-Nelson is in the news; or when we need to generate positive attention for the program.

Image by Althea Dotzour.


Advocacy Tools

Get all the tools to be a leader for Team Knowles Nelson. 

Thank you for supporting Team Knowles-Nelson! We want to make it as easy as possible for you and your organization to participate in the campaign to renew the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program. Weve collected some resources to help you promote the campaign, talk to your elected officials, and feature Team Knowles Nelson campaigns on your own site.


Join Our Team

Be an advocate for land and water conservation.

Sign up for Team Knowles-Nelson and join a community of thousands of people who love Wisconsin’s land and water. We know that every voice matters. And when we all speak up together, our message is that much stronger: Renew the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program, our best way to care for Wisconsin’s land and water.

outdoor recreation jobs in Wisconsin
$18 billion
spent annually on outdoor recreation in WI
Knowles-Nelson grants support trail building
2.3 million
annual visitors to the Ice Age Trail
annual environmental benefits per acre protected by Knowles-Nelson
$5 billion
annual outdoor recreation wages
Wisconsin households within 1 mile of a Knowles-Nelson investment
$2 billion
annual ecological value of Knowles-Nelson lands
2.5 million
acres of Wisconsin County Forests

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