advocacy toolkit

Thank you for supporting Team Knowles Nelson! We want to make it as easy as possible for you and your organization to participate in the campaign to renew the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program. We’ve collected some resources to help you promote the campaign, talk to your elected officials, and feature Team Knowles Nelson campaigns on your own site.

Download the whole kit or just the individual components you need.

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2024-25 knowles-nelson budget timeline

Learn about important dates for the upcoming reauthorization process.


tips for a successful visit

As dedicated land stewards and engaged constituents, your story is a vital piece in advocating for program reauthorization. Here are some tips to ensure a successful and impactful site visit.

email invite template

This email template makes it simple to invite legislators to your land trust for a visit. Witnessing the impact of your efforts firsthand fosters understanding and strengthens relationships.

knowles-nelson impact sheet

Gathering Waters can provide legislative district or county specific information sheets to use in your meetings with decision makers. Let us know about your upcoming meetings and we can produce an information sheet that highlights Knowles-Nelson investments in that district. Just give us a few days notice to put it together for you.

knowles-nelson postcards

create a custom postcard

Tangible, personal messages are some of the best ways to show legislators how Wisconsin’s beautiful places enrich our lives and why it’s crucial to support environmental conservation. Add a message and upload a photo of a special outdoor place in Wisconsin to create a personalized postcard. We’ll print real postcards to mail them to state representatives and Governor Evers when they’ll have the most impact. Create a postcard here.

Stock Postcards

Have supporters fill out these beautiful Knowles-Nelson postcards to send to their legislators. Print them yourself, or Gathering Waters can provide postcards printed on card stock. Make sure your supporters fill in their return address and then give to the postcards to us. We’ll identify the correct legislator and put the postcards in the mail. Contact us to request postcards or for more information.

knowles-nelson web copy template

This template is designed for use on your organization’s website to encourage advocacy for the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program. Feel free to customize the content to fit your organization’s voice and add specific examples from your local area.

print, download & share

Knowles-Nelson fact card

This front and back card is beautiful and provides key information about Knowles-Nelson. It can also be an effective “leave behind” to give to a decision maker when you meet with them. Give these cards to your supporters and encourage them to contact their legislators by visiting

Knowles-Nelson infographics

Download our infographic series on the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program. Consider giving one or more of the infographics to a decision maker when you meet with them. These infographics provide key facts and talking points about Knowles-Nelson. Every infographic is backed up by authoritative research, all of which can be found at

knowles-nelson logos

Use the Team Knowles Nelson logos to brand your digital and printed Knowles-Nelson materials. Using consistent branding helps us reinforce that we are all part of the same effort even though we represent very different constituencies. This logo package includes many styles and variations to suit your needs.

knowles-nelson quick facts poster

Need a large format poster with important Knowles-Nelson facts and figures? Here you go! This poster works well at events or in your office to grab visitors’ attention and draw them in to learn more about Knowles-Nelson.

$24 Billion
forestry industry supported
of Wisconsinites live within 5 miles of a Knowles-Nelson Project
$350 Million
in grants to nonprofits and local governments
Wisconsin Acres Protecetd by Knowles-Nelson
Grants to support local parks, trails, and campgrounds
$1.2 Billion
invested in Wisconsin Lands
annual cost per Wisconsin resident
grants to support Wisconsin Boating facilities
180,000 acres
protected by non-profit land trusts
Team Knowles Nelson badge with a bird taking flight.

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