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An opportunity now exists for political parties to come together after a difficult election year to prove that Wisconsinites are still forward thinking.

Writing in the Janesville Gazette Extra, Wesley K. Davis is calling on Wisconsinites to contact their legislators and ask them to renew the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program.

Davis writes, “The Knowles-Nelson program promotes natural and healthful places in which to travel and escape the ravage of our pandemic. This plan provides for development of great outdoor resources, which attract travelers from all over the country to enjoy water sports, bucolic farmstead scenery, hunting and fishing …

“We have arrived at a critical juncture in our state’s history where economic opportunity and responsibility meet. Our legislators should recognize that to secure the future they must preserve the past. Consequential choices are hard to make, but they are better than doing nothing! Let’s renew a crucial program that moves Wisconsin forward.”

Read Davis’ full op-ed in the Janesville Gazette Extra.

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Assembly chamber in the Wisconsin State Capitol.
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