A paved bike trail in summer surrounded by fields of green grass and white flowers.

Stewardship Friends Grants Approved For 29 DNR Improvement Projects

Funding for the DNR Friends Grants Program was approved, using Stewardship Program dollars to support 25 park and trail improvement projects.

Funding was approved for $326,600 in Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program grants for improvements at state-owned properties. The Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program supports several Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) administered grant programs, one of them being the DNR’s Friends Grant Program.

DNR partners with Friends Groups and nonprofit conservation organizations that work to improve park facilities and restore habitat on state properties. Each year, $500,000 in Knowles-Nelson funds is budgeted for the Friends Grant Program.

This year, Stewardship Program funding will be distributed to 25 nonprofit organizations to improve state parks and trails across the state of Wisconsin that are owned by the DNR. To see the full list of projects, read the DNR’s press release.

Featured image by Ken Mattison, 2020.

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