Polls Find Overwhelming Support for Knowles Nelson Stewardship Fund in Wisconsin

For every $1 of capital investment in public lands through Knowles-Nelson, the state receives nearly $30 in ecosystem services every year.

National Public Radio affiliate, WXPR in Rhinelander, WI reports that “People in the Wisconsin, and especially the Northwoods, want to see the state government continue to fund conservation and environmental projects in the state. That’s according to a recent public survey conducted by bi-partisan firms.”

“People in the northern portion of state that responded to the polls had the highest rates of support for the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund.

Matt Dallman is the Deputy State Director of the Nature Conservancy in Wisconsin. He’s based in Minocqua.

“You look at that polling and I actually surprised by the amount of support we see in the north when they broke it into the regional area. Again, this is across all party lines, and people still it the north feel we should still do more,” said Dallman. “I think as well look at the important of the program and what it’s done already for maintaining access sustainable timber lands and for recreational access, I think that’s why we’re seeing the polling results the way they were.”

Listen to whole story at WXPR.

Featured image courtesy of Katie Thoresen, WXPR.

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