A trout stream in Wisconsin with a shallow bank leading into a marshy wetland surrounded by bright green grasses and trees.

Pheasants Forever Preserves 185 Acres in Bloomer with Knowles-Nelson Funding

The Wisconsin DNR will manage the public conservancy, which sits next to the McCann Creek State Fishery Area.

Pheasants Forever, a national nonprofit dedicated to preserving and restoring habitat for wildlife, bought a 185-acre property just north of Bloomer, Wisconsin, with the intent of donating the land to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

The purchase was funded in part by the DNR’s Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program. Several environmental groups also contributed to the purchase, including the local Chippewa County Stewardship Fund, the Chippewa Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever, and the National Wild Turkey Federation.

The previous owner, David Stanton, sold the property to Pheasants Forever for just over $400,000. While still owning the property, Stanton allowed the DNR to develop a pond system to support habitat and surrounding wetlands. The property has both wetland and prairie habitat.

Located next to the McCann Creek State Fishery Area, the DNR plans to keep the property open to the public for outdoor recreation like hiking, fishing, and hunting.

 “It’s just another great opportunity to go explore Wisconsin outdoor opportunities and lifestyle and recreation and just to be connected with nature,” said Marty Moses, the Wisconsin state coordinator for Pheasants Forever.

Featured image by Joshua Mayer, 2016.

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