A bike path in Manitowoc, supported by the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program

Manitowoc city trails to expand thanks to Knowles-Nelson grant

A $369,400 grant awarded from Wisconsin's Knowles-Nelson Stewardship program will fund new trails in Manitowoc.

Alisa M. Schafer with the Manitowoc Herald Times reports that the city of Manitowoc has received a large Knowles-Nelson grant to expand their trail system.

According to Manitowac’s mayor, Justin Nickels, the funding will go towards “developing this trail system and a future pedestrian bridge over the Little Manitowoc River. The bridge will connect to the Lincoln Park Zoo along with kayak launches and fishing stations.” As with all Knowles-Nelson grants to local governments, the city has allocated matching dollars this project.

Nickels adds that a donation of 11 acres of land by developers along the new trail will help residents “use and appreciate” this green space even more.

Featured image by J. Stephen Conn, 2007.

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