Kirkland's warbler in Wisconsin. Habitat for this and other species has been conserved by the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program.

It’s Time to Reauthorize the Stewardship Program

Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame inductees inspire our actions today.

“It is time for everyone concerned about conservation to contact their elected officials and make their voice heard,” writes the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame (WCHF) in an article about the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program.

WCHF notes that Knowles-Nelson was created as a bipartisan effort, “named for two Wisconsin Governors who have been inducted into the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame—Republican Warren Knowles (inducted 1994) and Democrat Gaylord Nelson (inducted 1986).”

The benefits Knowles-Nelson has provided since 1989 include conservation of important habitat and natural resources, as well as improvements to outdoor recreation facilities.

“In short,” WCHF concludes, “the Fund helps to honor Wisconsin’s conservation heritage as we look to the future and seek to inspire a conservation ethic in the next generation.”

Featured image by Joel Trick with USFWS Midwest Region, 2012.

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