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Fresh Take: Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program Up For Renewal

Gathering Waters and the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region join a radio interview to discuss importance of Knowles-Nelson.

On his show, “Fresh Take,” Josh Dukelow of WHBY radio station interviewed Charlie Carlin, Gathering Waters’ Director of Strategic Initiatives, and Curt Detjen, President of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, about the importance of the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program and its uncertain future in the budget debates.

“This is all about quality of life and the kind of community we want to have,” says Curt, describing how Knowles-Nelson has been vital to completing projects in the Fox Valley, and will be key to future plans for more trails. He emphasizes the importance of state, local, and philanthropic partnerships for finding success with big projects. “[Knowles-Nelson] can be a catalyst to make things happen.”

Charlie provided more examples of Knowles-Nelson’s impact, noting that nine in ten households in Wisconsin are located within a mile of Stewardship project. He also highlighted the importance of outdoor recreation during COVID-19, and how increased use of the outdoors is expected to continue into the future.

On the Fresh Take page, the show featuring Knowles-Nelson is titled “Eminent Domain, Knowles-Nelson Fund Impact, & The Lawyers.” The Knowles-Nelson segment begins at about 37:00.

Featured image by Marc Buehler, 2014.

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