Looking up at the tops of aspen trees with yellow leaves towering above in a bright blue sky.

Forest County will soon have 160 more acres of public land

Governor Evers allocated funds through the American Rescue Plan after a grant through the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program was stalled by an anonymous objection.

Forest County is one of five recipients of American Rescue Plan Act funds allocated by Governor Tony Evers, who recently announced a $4.5 million investment in conservation projects across the state.

With this funding, the county purchased 160 acres of land in the Town of Nashville and has plans to sustainably manage the forest, providing habitat for wildlife and opportunities to harvest wood in an environmentally friendly way.

According to Forest County Forest Administrator Travis Wollenberg in a story by WXPR, the newly acquired land is full of northern hardwoods and aspens, which are easy to harvest and highly profitable.

“To acquire the land, it adds to public land and the ability to go out in nature,” Wollenberg said. “It adds to our forest law management to continue sustainable forestry throughout the county. With that, it comes with resources, like jobs for loggers and reusable wood products.”

Featured image by John Fowler, 2015.

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