A lake in Iron County, where the City of Hurley is seeking a Knowles-Nelson Grant to expand a trail system.

DNR Considering Grant for Groups to Expand Trails in Iron County

The City of Hurley seeks a grant from Knowles-Nelson to purchase needed land.

More than 100 miles of Iron County trails may get an expansion thanks to the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund, Katie Thoreson reports for public radio station WXPR.

The Iron County Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts (ICORE) wants to create a new trail segment to connect the towns of Hurley and Montreal. Hurley currently has another trail that links several other communities, and crosses from Wisconsin into Michigan.

“It’s a very scenic route,” says ICORE board member Ian Shackleford. “It includes two historic railroad bridges and it’s right in the hearts of our communities. We think it would just be a wonderful asset to build that trail and connect over into Michigan and the Iron Belle Trail.”

If the city of Hurley is approved for the Knowles-Nelson grant, they will be able to discuss buying the land for the three-mile trail expansion from the Canadian National Railroad.

Featured image by Joshua Mayer, 2016.

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