Canoeing on the Wisconsin River, where the city of Boscobel is seeking Knowles-Nelson funding to improve a boat launch.

City of Boscobel moving forward with boat landing plan

Obtaining Knowles-Nelson grant is key to making this project a reality.

David Krier with SW News reports that the city of Boscobel hopes to move forward with major improvements to a boat landing, but the plan hinges on being awarded four grants, including one from the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program.

The full design calls for new launch ramps, lighting, and blacktop; a canoe-launching area; two fishing piers; and redesigned parking and traffic flow. The new plan would also make one entrance to the river deeper, “which would let the fish in and make it easier for boats to get in and out,” according to Mayor Steve Wetter.

Obtaining a Knowles-Nelson grant and bolstering it with a grant from the Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as two others from the Wisconsin DNR, is “key to making this project a reality.”

The plan to pursue these grants and move forward with an ambitious boat launch redesign was unanimously approved by the city council.

“I think the committee did an excellent job,” said Alder Barb Bell. “This is going to be great.”

Featured image by J. Chapiewsky, 2010.

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