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Badger Bounceback sessions conclude with climate change focus on eve of Earth Day

Gov. Evers's plan calls for reauthorization of the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship program for another decade at $70 million annually.

The River Falls Journal shared that Governor Evers hosted his last virtual session on his Badger Bounceback budget on April 21st, with a strong focus on environmental issues.

In addition to proposals that would fight water pollution, improve energy efficiency, and support sustainable farming, a major focus of the governor’s budget is renewal of the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program for the next 10 years at $70 million annually, more than double its current funding.

“We have a responsibility to our kids and to future generations to deliver on our promise to leave them with a better world than the one we inherited,” Evers said in a news release. “Our state’s ability to not only bounce back, but propel forward, depends on our ability to build a more sustainable future for our state and for our economy.”

The recorded session can be viewed on the governor’s YouTube channel.

Featured image by Joshua Mayer, 2011.

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