An aerial view of the Tichora Conservancy with a house surrounded by trees and on the shore of a lake.

A spectacular volunteer effort leads to conservation of Green Lake shoreline

The all-volunteer Green Lake Conservancy raised $2 million to purchase a summer camp property on Green Lake that will now be open to the public

In 2018, Green Lake Conservancy, an all-volunteer land trust and member of Gathering Waters, Wisconsin’s Alliance for Land Trusts, partnered with Green Lake Sanitary District and the people of Green Lake to preserve and protect one of the few remaining natural areas on Green Lake. In four months, the group of 600 supporters raised $2 million and applied for a matching grant from the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program, Wisconsin’s funding for land and water protection. A $1.8 million dollar Knowles-Nelson grant matched the fundraising effort to make the purchase possible.

Now, Tichora Conservancy will be open to the public for hiking, snowshoeing, or just enjoying the property’s natural beauty.

Watch the video about Tichora to see this beautiful property and learn how it came to be protected.

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